In our FAQs, we answer questions that our clients most frequently ask us during our comprehensive consultations. Is your question not listed? Then we look forward to your call!

The selection of suitable specialists and executives is one of the most important strategic decisions a company can make. By engaging an experienced, professional and well-connected headhunter, you increase your chances of successfully filling a vacancy and minimise the risk of making costly mistakes.

First of all, good headhunters should be passionate about their clients and show a sincere interest in their needs. There should also be a transparent process in place, which they go through with care and meticulousness. And they must have the experience, industry knowledge as well as the necessary awareness to be able to recognise a candidate's potential. And this on both, the professional and the personal level.  

More than 25 years of experience, a highly professional team, a 95% success rate, nationally and internationally well-connected entrepreneurs - in addition to these "hard facts", we convince with our passion, our willingness to serve and our fast response times. Our clients know: if they work with us, we will do everything we can to satisfy them.    

Transparency and a direct, personal contact with our managing partners are most important to us. Not only do you receive a detailed report every three weeks, but we will keep in touch with you at all times, either by e-mail, telephone or text message. It goes without saying that our communication is always GDPR-compliant.

Our research consultants are very familiar with the respective target industry. After a thorough clarification of the assignment with you, we analyse exactly where the suitable candidates can be found and how they can best be approached. The aim is always to identify candidates who have the necessary professional skills, fit in with your company on a personal level and are also genuinely willing to change jobs. 

Yes, here are the details of our expertalis guarantee:

– The duration of a recruitment project is 9 months from the start of the assignment.
– There will be a complimentary rerun of the search process in case of non-appearance/resignation.
– The entitlement is valid up to 9 months after commencement of employment.

An assignment is only completed when an employment contract has been signed. And should a candidate not take up the position afterwards or resign, our warranty applies.    

Of course, we are always happy to talk to executives and specialists who are looking for a career change. To do so, you can contact us by phone or fill out our form any time.  

We look forward to talking to you about your challenges in finding candidates.

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We look forward to talking to you about your challenges in finding candidates.

We look forward to talking to you about your challenges in finding candidates!